About Us

Our mission is to share the experience, culture, and history of New Orleans with as many as possible by hosting guests in our historic vacation rentals. 

Cathy and Tony

Our Story

My husband and I were born and raised only minutes from New Orleans in an area known as St. Parish. Our families were fishermen and farmers. We grew up on the bayou where we learned to live off the land. This led us to start a seafood business selling and shipping shrimp, crab, oysters, and fish primarily to New Orleans and Baltimore allowing our families and us to share our love with the beautiful city of New Orleans.

Then, in 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit and in a flash our life’s work was torn apart and we lost everything. Literally everything. Determined to stay in New Orleans, we started over and our new endeavor was born. We began buying and renovating historic homes in the Bywater District near the French Quarter. 

Our first home, The Gabrielle Grace, was named for our granddaughter. We then bought our second property and in 2010, we bought our third. We are now renovating our fourth property – all on the same street. 

Hurricane Katrina forced our hand into an adventure we never thought about before, but it’s become the most enjoyable and rewarding experience we’ve ever had and a true blessing in disguise.

The joy of providing a beautiful place where our guests can experience our New Orleans culture warms our hearts!

We hope you will visit when you can and let us know how we can help you enjoy your stay.